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2 Basic Questions to help you pick the right ski

We have all experienced the question marks rising when entering a ski shop. The wide variety of ski equipment leaves us wondering which type of ski will fit our needs best. There are 2 basic criteria which will help you find the ski perfect for you: your level of experience and the type of terrain you will be skiing.


What is your level of experience?

If you are looking into a first skiing experience, or have not had that much time on the slopes yet, a ski which allows you to make short turns and which reacts vividly to your steering, is probabily what you are looking for: a shortturn carveski. Skiing with this type of ski will allow you to easily correct and adjust your balance and position on the ski, making it a perfect ski for learning.

Experienced skiers might want to grab this type of ski too for a playful day on piste. Enjoying well prepared, perfectly groomed slopes before noon and heading down to the après-ski through buckles? The shortturn carveski might break down this bumpy ride for you!

If you are an experienced skier, looking for a speedrush while on well prepared slopes, the longturn carveski is your perfect match.


What kind of terrain are you skiing?

For off piste skiing, a ski which offers more buoyancy and stability might just do the job for you. The rocker ski or freeride ski is a longer and wider ski which will suit your needs on this kind of terrain.

For on piste skiing we recommend renting a carveski if conditions are good, and slopes are prepared. However, when fresh snow has fallen, you might want to get your first experience in skiing with a freeride ski. Could be a lot of fun!



Skiing in Stubai in October

We had a great week at the Stubaier Glacier in October! Although the skiing lifts were closed on day 1 due to strong winds and heavy snowfall, the rest of the week couldn't have been better. The conditions were perfect: great visibility, good snow and no icy slopes! Stubaier, you rock!